I recently opened The Nest as a space of sanctity:
a place of unconditional acceptance,
a sanctuary in which you may hear the great love in your heart,
and to connect with your creative, expansive, infinite nature.

at The Nest, your heart leads the way 


Classes and Events
for anyone who has ever wanted to be more of who they are


Jan 20

2pm to 4.30pm

at The Nest
1524 Park Ave
Emeryville, CA

Soulfood for the New Year

Done and fun! 

Open to all Maybeck High School parents and friends of Maybeck.

Nourish your spirit with an afternoon of serenity and self-care.

Through guided meditation, inspirational reading and writing, and reflective self-inquiry, you will be led into an experience of your authentic self, the part of you unconditioned by outer expectations. From this place, your inner hearth and home, you are invited to bring forward your heartfelt intentions for 2019. We will infuse your intentions with love and blessings, super-charged by the power of community!

See you at the next event!

Jan 26

1.30pm to 4.30pm

at The Nest
1524 Park Ave
Emeryville, CA

Welcome to The Nest!

The Nest was full! See you next time!

Connect with your heart and transform your life.

The Nest is sacred space, holding you while you tread the holy ground of personal growth and transformation.

This special afternoon event is designed to give you an experience of the Clarity, Grace and Wisdom that reside naturally within you. You will be led through a centering process to clear mental noise and attune to your heart, to your divine essence. (Some have said that this process alone is worth the cost of admission!)

Tracy will share inspirational content and then offer quiet time for self-reflection though writing prompts. After, you will have an opportunity to share inner wisdom that was revealed during the process, to help anchor "a-ha's" and shifts in consciousness, as well as contribute to the group's learning and upliftment.

This afternoon event is just the ticket if:
◎ you need a break from the daily hamster wheel;
◎ you are seeking clarity or guidance in some area of your life;
◎ you enjoy being inspired to even greater potential; or
◎ you value support on your path to self-realization.

Come see if The Nest is for you!
I am pleased to offer this mini-retreat at an introductory rate of $35 in order to make it an easy decision. 😍


Feb 27

7pm to 9pm

at The Nest
1524 Park Ave
Emeryville, CA

Living From Your Heart

Reboot! in this 6-week series

Begins February 27 and meets for six Wednesdays, through April 3.

Do you ever feel out-of-balance?
Do you sometimes feel misunderstood or unseen?
Does your inner critic sometimes quash your dreams or self-esteem?

If any of this sounds familiar, or you would like to
◎ experience more peace and equanimity in your life;
◎ easily access your natural clarity;
◎ tap into your unlimited inner strength; or
◎ be more of who you really are,
then join Tracy and a small group of other like-intended souls for this deep-reaching, 6-week series. 

Each week will follow a similar format, beginning with a centering meditation to clear individual energy fields as well as the group field. We begin our work from the sacred space within.

To assist in further aligning with your heart space, Tracy will share inspirational material, chosen to ignite the flame of remembrance within you. You are already whole, already complete, already home, as your heart knows.

Through discussion and writing prompts, you will have an opportunity to practice using a heart-centered framework to review (re-view) and clear areas of imbalance in your life, naturally yielding a greater sense of clarity and equanimity. You may be surprised to learn that everything looks different from a heart-centered perspective - problems dissolve, challenges are fun, and answers appear to questions you didn't know you had.

Many of the benefits of one-on-one coaching are available in a small-group class like this, including:
◎ receiving neutral feedback and support;
◎ being held in unconditional acceptance; and
◎ feeling free to experiment with new ways of thinking and being.

And, some benefits exclusive to working in a group include:
◎ receiving answers to your questions through someone else's asking;
◎ enriching your understanding of life through the sharing of different perspectives; and
◎ experiencing an amplified sense of upliftment through the group energy field.

Lift yourself into a renewed way of living, and experience the nurturance of support as you deepen into who and what you truly are.

Limited to a maximum of 8 participants.

Tuition: $480


Where you'll find us 💛 

The Nest, 1524 Park Avenue, Emeryville, CA 94608


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This is a private event open to current and alumni families and friends of Maybeck High School. You may RSVP directly to the Pineapple Jam invitation sent from the MPA, or feel free to submit this form instead. If you are not a current Maybeck parent, please let Tracy know your Maybeck connection in the Notes field. Thank you!